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Its not completley wrong, just inverted.

I didn't get how you made it - did badspot give you admin powers or something? how did you pictured the map from above?

I ported the terrain file into an old version of AoT, whited out the terrain, stuck in the world editor, and flew away.

So what were you talking about Google Earth?

(I clicked on this smiley by mistake... not enough strengh to delete it)

I had stuck an overlay onto google earth. The process is similiar to taking 100 different maps of the same place, then gluing them together in a way that provides more information and makes sense.

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here is what i did to wedges map to make it look more like basspots and get rid of the lines

you are not so good with photoshop aren't ya? :P

better then the original anyways

The inn near the Trrehouse is actually called the Beach House

Notice that the tavern is also labeled "INN". I labeled all inns "INN".

This is my map, I gave it the locations of the dyes (exept for red and yellow, although I probably could find yellow on the game) and some pictures.   I'm sorry I know it sucks but the dye locations on there are true.
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well the yellow is in auric feilds, go forward from forest exit and there is distant orest, go forward on the map from chartes

Um, Felix or someone else who remembers where yellow is, can you do what I did an d just edit my map and the same thing with red? This map could be very useful foe a lot of people.

I like the fact that I put the text directly on the map, so if anyone chooses to edit it, all of my text is in the way :P

I found the locations of Auric Fields and Distant Forest, but I won't put the dyes on a map. It makes it to easy for everyone else. Sure, I'm doing a public service to them, but what about me? Do I get a 5gp profit when someone looks at it? No, what happens is everyone crowds up the dye locations and I have to sit back and wait my turn. Thats why when I told someone that red dyes were to the South West of Port Town (it was a typo), I didn't go back to change it.</selfish>

Yeah, if you want to edit my map, put all the stuff you want on it, just realize my annoying red text will remain. But I'm late in saying this. Go play the game and have fun.