Author Topic: zak fett(clan-unamed)  (Read 1056 times)

ive been wanting to get a clan up for some time,idk who wants in so i just put this join you must
1.not be an asshat
2.know me or one of my friends
3.not be a spammer/hacker/etc
4.running rtb be nice if you had msn
so,if you wanna join up,post here,go to one of my servers,or e-mail me


(ps plz join,thanx,)

ow, i feel kinda bad that noone has posted in 9 days, so, i'll join, btw- i have some clan names(sry it's just to friggen funny) {ASS}, {WTF}, {STFU}, {BS}, {FUN}(Friggen Unbeatable Nutcases), and any otheer IM slang or 2-4 letter words you can think of.(personally i'd go with {FUN})

btw- this isn't intended as an insult, just some suggestions for names noone would steal.

whoops! i think the Bullstuff clan has been taken. lol!