Author Topic: Yay! I got GMod. But, what mods should I get for it?  (Read 854 times)

I know there are a million mods out there for GMod, and I have actually two questions.

The first being, which mods would you reccomend, and what is that one mod that everyone should download, you know the one I'm talking about. The one with all the extra props and whatnot? No, not the Alyx nude mod <.<

And second, is the installation of said mods the same for any other game?

PHX3 Learn to svn, Wire Mod svn, Life Support svn, Resource Distrobution 2 svn , and StarGate svn.

So lemme get this straight, PHX is the one with the stuff load of extra props?
I wanna get that one before I go online, or else... ERROR! ERROR! ERROR!

Get full PHX, not just 3, it's better.  Also try Kuno's vehicles, they work with the newest version.  Get achievements,  they're fun.  Vehicles:  Achievements:

No PHX3 is bettar smart one. It comes with PHX2,Tile,Primative Mechanics and some other models that most servers have.

Link for PHX Full Pack?