Author Topic: Lego Agents Theme Features Males With Boobs?  (Read 3532 times)

The front page of the most recent Lego magazine features three Agents, two of them in possession of boobs.

I've taken the liberty to make it a little clearer for those of you with poor vision.


I bet they are gay, and those are fake!

The one on the left could be a female, a very butch, lesbian female. :D

Well, the one on the right has them, too.

 I'm pretty sure that they aren't pecs because there's a female Agent in the series with the same torso piece. So these two guys either have boobs or the chick has pecs.

I think the left one is Luv4manga.

AHH! love Toy

I think the creator of Lego Magazine has been locked in a room with Kid friendly toys for too long and needed to do something adultly funny to keep his sanity.

Inside the catalog they don't look like that. :P

lol those minifigs are awesome looking