Author Topic: If you see someone called CK Fireball, its not me  (Read 1565 times)

Don't let that fool you. 1 I would never join a noob clan like that. 2 I dont capitalize my name. CK tyler made the account because I killed members of his clan.

also all "penguin mike" accounts arent mine except "penguin miked". remco and ck gang used up all 25 other letters at the end of name :/

I have no clue who or what this CK gang is, could you clarify it? Someone started an anti-ck clan, so maybe its something semi-big, that made a bunch of people mad? Something I should watch out for when I start playing again? Or is it just 4 people got on the wrong side of a few people, crowd pshycology kicks in, and now it looks like a larger number of people are concerned?

CK is a very retarded clan of cop haters. They are no-life friends whom seek no meaning in life but bitch at cops on AOT. They are the Custard Klemnentines (i mean cop killers)