Author Topic: The best shield and sword?  (Read 1418 times)

I want to know what the best metals are and where to put them.

For shield, please tell me where by saying this metal goes in slot with 10 metals... This metal goes in the slot with 5 metals, etc. For the sword you don't have to say it goes in the slot with 10 metals but I would like you to say which place it goes in for it. (handle, main part etc.)

There is no best for swords. As for shields, different metals have different effects.
Rust: Nothing
Lead: Repels close combat monsters and players
Iron: Makes damaging sparks when hit
Steel: Makes more sparks when hit
Brass: Nothing
Zinc: Spins monsters around and makes them forget about you
Copper: Freezes monsters and makes them forget about you
Plutonium: Nothing
Gold: Causes players to drop one gold and monsters to spawn one gold

I think that's all. My personal favorites are lead, steel, and copper.


And Steel.

And Gold because it's a shameless sign of wealth!

What about the emblems and trimmings for shield?

Shield: Use whatever metal you want above for the shield itself and Plutonium for the emblem as this maximises the effect (I think)
Sword: Rusty sword or any fancy coloured plutonium/gold sword you like - all swords do the same damage but you can make it look better if you use other metals