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Tip 1:Loyalty

If you are going to start a clan, make sure you have loyal members. Don't accept someone until they've logged on once or twice, and has proved loyalty to your group.

Tip 2:Time Zones

Make sure your clan has the correct time zones. I can't count how many times clans have fallen through because no one is on at the same time.

Tip 3:Start simple!

Latley I've seen alot of clans having "Ranks" and positions. This is a BAD way to start a clan. You will lose lots of peoples intrest because of complicated rules and regulations.

Tip 4:Be Responsible

If you are going to start a clan, make sure you have the responsibility to take care of your clan and keep it organized. The last thing you want is a bunch of un-organized maniacs running around acting noobish in the name of your clan.

Tip 5:Make your members feel special

This is probably the most important part of a clan. This rule is essential for making, and keeping clan members. This basically means give you members something that other clans don't. I.E. Dye mining tuesday or Fiber friday. Also treat your members with respect. Don't yell at them for being late to a clan meeting or a clan event.

Tip 6:Banning people

Don't ban people unless they have made a DIRECT violation of the rules.

Signed: A Port Town Water Solider

AKA Unisoul

Pretty good... I'll admit that my post about BMM fails tip 3... but I gotta agree with you on most of these. Did you write these or did you steal them from somwhere... I like 'em...

No actually I made these. I thoguht lots of clans were falling apart due to mis-management (no offense) and I wanted to help out.

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