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All ESG members, I herby claim that a new enemy is afoot the AOT world. Her name is Kitty. Reason: Stealing 225 GP from me, scamming, and stealing 2 of my dynamites. Be warned, she is a trickster! The prize to the first ESG member to kill her wioll be any thing that I might have in my inventory. (only applies to ESG members)

This was an accident. Here's the full story.

Kilala was asking to buy zinc. I made a deal with him to sell him my zinc bar for 225 and 4 dynamites (I was joking, I wouldn't rip him off like that.)

We went into the warehouse and he dropped the money, I dropped the zinc. I picked up the zinc and the money, and ran to the bank (As another joke, I know >.<) to mail it to him. When I got there he said I was an enemy of ESG and that ESG members would kill me.  I said that he should mail me 2 dynamites, then I'd mail him the zinc, and then he'd mail me the remaining 2 dynamites.

I took the first 2 and ran off (Childishly, as another joke) and then came back, my computer was messing up really bad so I told him I'd be right back, to give him 3 bars of zinc (Because really, I didn't want to rip him off).

When I exited the game, my computer crashed and I had to turn it off by the mains. I turned it back on, came on and went into AoT, but he wasn't there.

I mailed him the 3 bars of zinc.

This doesnt require a new topic...

And Kitty is alright, even though she hates me and I don't know why =/

HousKat, Kitty see the resemblance?

She says I tried to kill her, I didn't. I only tried to kill her after I had been accused of doing so.


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OK, well, I will check my mail when I get on, if the zinc is there I will mail you the dynamite and call the hit off. If it is then I am terribly sorry for the misunderstanding.

EDIT: OK, the zinc was there, I am really sorry and wish no hard feelings upon you kitty. All ESG members, the hit is off. Plus kitty, I sent you the 2 dynamite and 1 carbon as an extra sorry.
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You a good swordsman? If so sure, if not....sure.