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there was 23k. i know there was.

im an elite mage in SA now.... just updating this... it has seemed to slip to page 4

there was 23k. i know there was.

The money was lost in the update anyway. And now there is no need for a clan bank. Take a loan from a friend, and watch for a death warrant if you don't pay back.

Zomg another AoT conspiricy!

Well, the second reason is the fact that fireball knew me :|

lol that was one of our 5 hideouts. the second reason that he said was the main one

Hey, um is this still alive? Oh BTW if you havent noticed "I'm baaaaack"

yea. nobody that was in is on anymore we are starting to recruit again

Fireball, Speckz, and myself have decided to disband the Shadow Alliance on AoT only, but will continue it on BL, mostly TBM2. If any members have donated to the bank, please contact me and tell me what you donated, I'll make sure to get it back to you.

Please restart this clan again it was possably the only decent clan in the game:)
All of it's members rocked.

we could, I guess, only if we (fireball, speckz, me) were all willing to reform and recreate it over again, getting members all over again, but it seems that there aren't much clans on AoT at all anymore, penguin's still pretty strong though, that's all I'm seeing, I have a feeling if we recreate it, it'll just turn out like last time, we'll get a load of people at the start, then half or more of them will stop playing AoT, or not come on, or join some other rival clan that's made right after SA is remade, and thus having it slowly die down again o_O.

I play the game nearly enough 24/7 so ill be on there most the time.

Meh, all the SA leaders went to BMM... you should too. All of you. [sarcasm] Well, except for Corruption... I hate that kid. [/sarcasm]