Author Topic: Blockland Vending Machine! (OP missed 10 year anniversary and should feel bad)  (Read 517971 times)

The monitor displaying what is being recorded on the webcam immediately turns black, and white text appears on the screen reading "SIGNAL LOST."
The machine once again begins to whir and shake violently, and this time nearly tips over as it shakes.
It stops with a deafening buzz and a CD of the sandbox game, Garry's Mod slides out of the machine.

You insert the CD back into the machine.
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several nearby objects' textures are now missing
the machine dispenses a workshop page of the area you are in, but it says you need to buy cs:go for the textures. least it went f2p recently.

i insert a miniature replica of the vending machine

You get ghosts.

I insert an ouija board.

.stsohg teg uoY

I insert my wife

the machine spits out a buttplug

i insert the mona lisa portrait

You get a piece of pizza made out of cardboard.

* Deceased inserts nothing cause he's broke.

The vending machine gives you nothing because it is also poor.

I insert an iPhone 4S.

The phone comes back out...without a headphone jack and very slow. Terrible.

I insert a single sweet tart candy.

you get a single sour tart candy
i insert a single bitter tart candy

the machine dispenses a nintendo switch cartridge of crayola scoot.

i insert a blank piece of paper to test the vending machine's artistic talent.

THe machine makes absolute garbage anime

I insert Netflix

You get a stuffty spinoff series that has way too many seasons and episodes of some random show, yet people still fan over it

I insert a honor student

the machine is now playing pumped up kicks on loop.

i insert a lamp

You get the live action Genie, played by Will Smith.

I insert a HDMI cable.

You get the live action Genie, played by Will Smith.

I insert a HDMI cable.
not what i meant by lamp but ok
(ignore this post pomp inserted an hdmi cable ok)