Author Topic: Blockland Vending Machine! (OP missed 10 year anniversary and should feel bad)  (Read 899274 times)

You get cheesed.
It's my birthday. I insert a birthday donut.

You get a birthday cake.

I insert a 3/4 full can of Dr. Pepper Cherry.

A crushed empty can of Dr. Pepper Cherry shoots out so fast that it decapitates you.
I insert.... a nickel.

you get 4 cents and 1 penny chopped in half

I insert the right shift key from my keyboard

you get a gear shifter
i insert an idea to save bl

you get a bible. This holy item inspires you to quit blockland and video games and you turn to a life of monkhood where you die a holy death by eating nutritionless gruel for 7 years and contract multiple diseases due to a weak immune system

i put in a ds lite :)

you get a DS that's ungodly heavy, breaking the floor once it shoots out 1.2 feet out of the slot.

i insert the DS heavy

You get a DS that's the perfect weight for use.

I insert 2 WD-40 containers and a note saying "Thought you might like this to oil yourself"

You get a lemon!

I put in a lemon seed!

You get a lemon!

I put in a lemon seed!

>:( I was making an SCP reference

You get a lemon tree.

I insert a pizza.

You get me

I try putting in the 2 WD-40 containers and the note back into the machine again

You get another lemon!

i insert a soap bubble

You get a shower head!!

I insert a lemon!!

You get a lime.

I insert projared