Author Topic: Blockland Vending Machine! (OP missed 10 year anniversary and should feel bad)  (Read 899267 times)

How did I forget it up tf
You didn't follow the format
You get _____

I insert _____

You didn't follow the format
Thanks for actually letting me know. I shall try again. Don't laff I fail at most things

You get a melted super cookie
I insert a nintendo switch

you get a switch light

i insert a light switch

you get an unfunny joke about the forehead youtuber

i insert $200

You get walmart plastic bag
I insert a juul with 1 pod.

you get a juul with 1 pod, still full, but the battery is emptied
i insert a bowl of juice

You get a steel straw
I insert a Scream mask

you get a stuffty slasher flick

i put a stick grenade inside of the machine

you get the stick handle of the grenade and finely ground gunpowder spat in your face, killing you by asphyxiation

I insert a pebble

You get another pebble

I insert name here

You get a pile of your own bones

* Masterlegodude inserts 10 rupees

you get bombs and rope

i insert a slinky

You get a shield, and bow and arrows.(5)

I insert a glow stick

the glowstick explodes in your face. why? Because forget YOU, that's why.

i insert a researchographic drawing