Author Topic: Blockland Vending Machine! (OP missed 10 year anniversary and should feel bad)  (Read 871561 times)

you get a watch pocket, it's a body cam built into your pocket

i insert 100 pennies

you get a note asking you to help fuzztoast with eventing PLEASE

i insert i love you and say that to the machine

alas, the machine is incapable of emotion

i insert a bag of shredded cheese

you get shredded bees

i insert 101 pennies

the machine spits back 100 pennies and blinks in morse "i'm not counting all of these". it keeps 1 penny.

i insert an AAAA battery

the vending machine rises into the sky, shooting electricity out of every direction like a tesla coil. it explodes mid-air into a bunch of sparks.

i insert $1 into another vending machine nearby

a soda can pops into existance somewhere within a mile of you

i insert bacon-wrapped bacon

you get bacon-wrapped bacon wrapped in bacon. if you consume it, you'll get to know how far the bacon hole goes.

i insert a tesla coil

you get an emp grenade

i insert master chiefs helmet from halo 3 and quietly whisper believe

You get a wave of nostalgia.

I insert 2 dollars, and order a chocolate bar with H3.

You get idk what that is you get noob

I put in am now

You get the two dollars back along with an extra $3.58. Text appears on the machine's little hexidecimal screen that reads: "Thank you for the refund."

I insert a handheld candle holder with no candle attached.

the machine spits the "am now" back at you at supersonic speeds, breaking your neck instantly

i insert a grenade launcher

you get a grenade launcher launcher, for wildly op mass denial. it shoots grenade launchers that shoot grenades in midair.

i insert 1 venezuelan dollar.