Author Topic: Blockland Vending Machine! (OP missed 10 year anniversary and should feel bad)  (Read 878439 times)

the ice cream gets liquidized, and you notice toenail clippings and foot fungus in it. thank the heavens you threw it in there

i insert a flashbang

you get a- OH stuff IT BLEW UP MY FUCJING EYES

i insert a big ol acoustic guitar

you get a small young electric ukelele

i insert.. uhh.... i uh.. i insert... insert.... uhhhhhhh

ok pablo you get "uhhh" because forget you

i insert the entire office building from sam and max

You receive plenty of rubble, copper pipes, and shattered drywall given that you condensed a building into a vending machine. Someone will need to rebuild the damn thing too...

Two weeks later, I insert the Gun.

you get a Gun. not The Gun, A Gun.

i insert the concept of a lemon on the chain


i inserty a dead dog pizza

You receive a live cat taco.

I insert an octagon.

You receive a heptagon.

I insert a hexagon.

you get a circle

i insert CUM xD

the vending machine gives birth to a baby, congratulations, you are a father now!

i insert an entire archive of old geocities websites

you get an archive of fuzztoast posts. this is worthless!

i insert the concept of a lime on the chain

looks like the other person who fiddled with the machine accidentally installed a colorswapping identification laser of sorts, so you get a lemon instead of a lime. better fix this issue, why is green considered yellow?

i insert a flashbang

the white is swapped for black, you get a can full of printer ink goop

i insert a chocolate bar

You get $1.50

I insert a whole tub of butter