Author Topic: Blockland Vending Machine! (OP missed 10 year anniversary and should feel bad)  (Read 776279 times)

You receive a surprise visit from the FBI for owning child research.

I insert an empty prescription bottle.

the machine starts puking out a random selection of pills, you don't know what they do, and which one of them could potentially kill you

i insert Chris Pratt

you get Chris Pratt, but hes put on like 30 pounds. hes wearing a gold necklace saying "Chris Fatt"

i insert the concept of sleep

bumping because its been like a loving month

You receive acknowledgment.

I insert Conan's IP address.

You receive a list of stolen keys that Conan stole while hosting minigolf

I insert bl largest thread

You receive a spat of drama during the thread's run that results in 6 people banned.

I insert a copy of "The Museum of Anything Goes"

You receive fake death scene thats really a pig

I insert 2022 near year server

you recieve over 80 human hearts
i insert a copy of gish for pc

black tar oozes out the machine, then fades in order to preserve hardware space

i insert a wax cube, cashmere woods scent to be specific

You get a Goop smegma-scented candle.

I insert a jar of instant iced tea powder.

water/iced tea mix oozes out of the machine, because the machine wasn't fitted with a drink mixer

I insert a foot.

you hear deranged sniffing emanating from the machine

i insert a sad panda

You get a super depressed panda.

I insert a 1994 Honda Civic

you get dodge charger

i insert skittle