Author Topic: Blockland Vending Machine! (OP missed 10 year anniversary and should feel bad)  (Read 645364 times)

lmao XD

you get laz town memes

insert beeeeeeee

you get cysts
i insert blocko into the machine for trying to kill the game

too big to fit.

insert nix and this post inside

didnt insert anything.

Insert a miscroscope + Tsar bomb + nuke + belly

you get a microtsarnuke

i insert this image

stupid... i quoted what you said..... cant detect floppy
you get a microtsarnuke

i insert this image
-donald Annoying Orange-
you make america great again

i insert a tv set including hdmi 4k HD nanopixel quadpower processing BLAST processing microchip microsnake alarm clocks

you get chad.
I insert a buried bag of money

someone found it.

insert another bigger bag on top of the machine

it uncontrollably stuffs money

I insert a laxative

i loving blasat the vending machine away
sorry folks games over go home

The machine commits suicide because it has no purpose

I insert a flat screen TV

there is a burn in, lets see what is it.

insert burnt-in CRT monitor

You get a tiny monitor that was taken off a camera

I insert 2017

Also we are 15 days away from this threads 11th anniversary

you get all celebrities that died in 2016

I go to the future, acquire this thread's 11th anniversary, and insert it into the machine