Author Topic: Packers Add-on Collection (Its so bad its good)  (Read 54725 times)

space shuttle reminds me of the condor from V8

I love the space shuttle! thanks a million!

Nice Space Shuttle :D

omg u rock for the airship!

its a Space Shuttle

I dont like the faces on the Shuttle... Nice design tho!

Also why dose the right wheel turn?

Also why dose the right wheel turn?
Lack of script knowledge as well as lack of effort into finding the issue. I'll probably be one of my last BL vehicles, I'm mainly focused on my Projects so I'm loosing total interest in making random vehicles.

the space shuttle looks very nice but if you put a flame at the end it would be nicer!

I like the shuttle nice work :)

The shuttle has an excellent model, but I hate to see it wasted on one of the WORST scripts I've ever seen for blockland.

In all seriousness, the only thing it's good for is flying between two builds in a more or less straight line very far apart from each other.