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You know it, some of you love it, its my colorset!

This is the official release by me, but i would like to thank whoever posted it before because you saved my butt. I'll try to have a picture later and an update sometime in the future but i'm in a bit of a time crunch right now.
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It's old but always true so it is never done.

Post a pic please.

Without pics we have no idea what the set looks like.

Here is picture, too lazy to label.

(From left to right)
1. Standard
2. Dark Standard
3. Trans Standard
4. Special 1
5. Special 2
6. Greyscale
7. Browns

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why does no one ever put trans brown in a pack?

I posted it before band so anybody who previously had the pack could get it. I will post a pic now though, leme go make one.

Since when can you have 7 Color Rows?