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Please note that because we are not a clan but a community anyone can "join". Just because they wear the [SS] Tag means really nothing. That tag is optional (I don't even wear it) and anyone can just put it on. I agree that some of our Server/forum users are not the most most mature or cooperative but please take in note that we do not control over their actions on others servers.

Is this clan still going? Hmm... Whatever, if PUA(SS) floats your boat, go ahead. I think that anyone joining PUA(SS), personally, deserves to have a stick driven through them at high velocity and then roasted over a fire... But nothing is really going to be acomplished by it, and my opinion doesn't matter. So yes, you may form this clan if you want. I think I'll join PUA-PUA(SS). Except I haven't been playing Blockland in a while. So just forget me. Kind of a sad attempt to put a little humour on a completley stupid mess that could just be sorted out through a few minutes of discussion. But everyone likes to do it the hard way I guess.

Then explain conflicts that happen in your servers?