Author Topic: I finally have records for all 4 races O_O  (Read 2276 times)

I just beat elven lords record. i had dungeons for about a month and I beat miked at logs 2 weeks ago.

*go ahead and say we dont care because i dont care either :D just had to get it out*

I really admire your records fireball.

OH SHI.....

I knew this day would come! its not likely i will get logs back for a while either...

those dungeons times really should have been reset by now lol

Unfortunatly, i just beat your record again, This was posted before i tried to beat it, but now, i still hold it at 16.18, unless hes beating it right at this moment. He will surely make it in less time, but ill be ready..

P.S : Im Elven Lord By the way

lol, i was on earlier, and elven and fireball our obsessed with the treehouse. the record is down to like 16.18.

must beat elven lord...... *explodes*

 can olny do the tree house in 30 seconds :(

treehouse is down to 14 secs O_O

fireball, no offense but you are a glory hog.

treehouse is down to 14 secs O_O

The Record is now down to 13.73 seconds, by me again ;D

fireball, no offense but you are a glory hog.
elven has it right now :D

And now, If i remember Correctly, Head Crab ned has just taken the two dungeon records

-.- *heads to dungeons* oh wait dungeons are easy to cheat on but oh well. (my plan is working!!! I will finally have people trying to pwn me. no more boredness for me :D)
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