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i love being bossed around  :cookieMonster:

Wow Sire, I like the whole Roman Council type stuff.Now I can be tested to join,my computer went down because our Internet provider updated and it made all old modems go down.So you will see me soon.

I'm Grimm Curl as my account name.Also i have school from 7:00-3:15 but i get home at like 4pm

Kk, ill be expecting you... But did you choose what Profession you want to be?

Oh,well i guess Trooper.

EDIT:Also my username is now Dalton,since my other character's Stats...sucked.
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Do you have the requirements for the trooper profession?

Crossbow or Steel sword

Bolts ( If you have a crossbow )

And a shield

I have a question, why is there never any NR people playing?

Probably because there arent that many of them.. also, they might be on other accounts...

Ooh,no i don't,I can't get any money because even when i try to make peace with soem people since I don't want to die,they kill me pick me up and drop me into the volcano :(.

EDIT:Woot!!!! Wooty Wootzors!!! I got the GOLD HOOK today!!! I am so happy!!!
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Yeah, the Night Riders gang mostly settles on peace. We try to eliminate Annoyances that are in our enemies list from time to time though...

Gang Targets ( Enemies )
Current targets :
Robin HOT

Huh? is that referring to me, or is there another robin? I'm confused.

Any members of the HOT Gang is an enemy of the Night Riders, This is because they are an ally of remco...

Is this clan still alive? err....  :cookieMonster: :cookie:

Actually its very much alive, they just march around in there uniforms however.

Someone gave me a uniform for free, and I stuffed it in the shop.

I actually have no idea if the gang is still alive... Whoever is still in it, please continue recruiting... i started playing Elder Scrolls : Oblivion, so im not playing much...