Author Topic: Help with DayCycle Events?  (Read 11 times)

I have a mod in which you can event stuff with daycycles. It has stuff like CondCheck or something like that for Dawn, Dusk, Midnight, Midday, etc. And then it has OnDayCycleMidday, etc. or something like that.

How can I make streetlights that work with this? During the day they are off and at night they are on.

I tried something once but when I reloaded the lights/used the New Duplicator on them, they stop working.

I have traffic lights with a brick that I click once everytime I load up the lights or add in new ones.

Maybe something like that? Maybe on the same brick?

Want them to turn off at dawn and on at dusk.

OnDayCycleDusk or whatever > self > cancelEvents?