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The numbers are part of the item definition from the character file.  When you paste in wierd characters, the game pukes and puts nothing in for the parchment text.  So the next time it loads, theres an error parsing the parchment text and it puts part of the item definition in.  The 255 255 255 255 is the dye color. 

Sometimes I'm not on neither IRC nor AOT. To contact me I'm usually at the RTB chat located at the same network.


Anyway I will take anyone in this clan as long as they arn't a cop.

I updated the first post with ranks and all the members so far.

can I join? ppl arn't on your IRC.

Night-Stalker, if I find you I'll recruit you, and I need some people like townciviliain and star to post.

I added a few members, and if u want to be recruited you have to be in game.

Penguin clan

There goes my hopes...

I've edited it a little.

Add me - yellowblood !

(to your enemies list)

If you want to be a slave you have to have these requirments:
<> Having paitence.
<> Not being a cop.
<> Following orders.
<> Always calling player master.
If you want to be a slave go to the blacksmith shop when a player called, "MW Slave Recruiter" logs on.

The Slave Idea was First applied to the Night Riders. You should have asked me before you Posted that... I count it as Copying.

You never had a copywrite on it, besides, havn't you've ever heard of the time that african americans were slaves? I don't think slavery is your idea.