Author Topic: felix bounty hunting service  (Read 1873 times)

guys, since i am so good at killing at annoying people you will now be able to use it at an advantage. :happy: all you have to do is say you need me to kill someone then we meet in a secret place and discuss how much you need to pay me. fore more info contact me on AoT.

This sounds amazingly similar to the already established Bounty Hunters Guild. you were better off with the gold frmers

no, this is nothing like the bounty hunters guild. read the post.

You kill people for money, we kill people for money. The only difference I see is that you have to find a "secret place" to discuss prices, while we have set rates.

Ima make a better one, he just heard me and my friends talking about Bounty hunting on the server and decided to take it off us.

'well, I don't think you should be worry about Felix now, do you

I'm sorry Felix, the bounty hunters guild is way ahead
of you in this area of expertise  :cookieMonster: