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Ok, im making a clan, im currently in sbb too, anybody that wants to sign up, the  server is Bob Clan Server, come and ill sign u up. im haveing problems with BL though, so it wont be up immeadly.

P.S How do u get your own servers to show up when u do query master? do u do query LAN? plz help!
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are u going to join clan or help with my problem of my servers not being on query master

PS if this lol contest then this my entry

P                                                              ^8)$%                                          &
9                                                            &            #                                       P                         
$                                                          H              *                                        8
u                                                         ^             I                                          %
7                                                            %       *                                             !
@                                                               &H9                                              *
*                                                                                                                     4
)8YGY%$^                                                                                                       *y8YH8HY 77^^%*

lol he doesnt even know why we are saying lo.

wow....the LOL isnt for a have to figure it out for your self...
L              $ $ $          M        M    EEEEE
L             $       $        M M  M M   E
L           $  $ $$  $      M   M    M   EEE
L          $              $    M          M  E
L___   $                $   M          M   EEEEE   lol that "Lame' is here just cuz i felt like it
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Use a true type font with a fixed letter space when trying to create tables and art out of letters. Its funny watching people spend a while spacing though, only to never have it line up perfectly. Here is an example.

Text in Courier:

L         OOOOO    L
L        O     O   L
L        O     O   L
L        O     O   L

Standard Text:

L               OOOOO     L
L             O         O    L
L             O         O    L
L             O         O    L
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The odd spacing adds to the flavor of text-style pictures, ive seen maps done in that form, even a few logos
(**    OO  NN  N III  NN  N
)__)  o   o N N N  II  N N N
(     )  OO  N  NN III  N  NN  waz here foo!!!!

OK, i fixed my RTB problem by re-installing the server is up but how do u get your server to show up on the list?

a update to the server:

Ok, the server will be up most of time and will go down at about 7:00 pm with a save. The map will be diffrent the next day. i will try to kick people most of the time, but racism. real bad stuff (spamming, and repeated offenses  will earn u a temporay ban (ill delte ur ip in my banlog the next day) it will be called (BC) Clan Server