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Well, I was just wondering if any of the Blockland Community plays World of Warcraft. It's a SWEET game. If any of you do, Post with your Realm :P


Already a topic, and I play on occasion.

< Bloodhoof

On beta
<Northrend and Murmer

Account was pass-hacked. Some sick bastard changed the password (didn't mess with any characters, so the Armory says) a few months ago. Told Blizzard and they closed it before any damage was done. Apparently I need to fax Blizzard Account Management to talk about getting my account reactivated.

Been too lazy to do so.

i play WOW when im not playing blockland..
im an elf iv played for about 2 years.
my name is Adude.
i work in the bar most times

You know, that doesn't help anyone know what race/class/realm you're on right?

Repost(with epic edit in bold):
It's boring.
All you do is do math to make a build.
Find good stuff.
Double click on a monster and everything seems to work out from there, unless you're retarded.

i play when i can its fun im a dwarf hunter on dreanor my names coppercat

Double click on a monster and everything seems to work out from there

How far into the game did you play??? After level 15 or so, you actually have to participate in the battles. You should play the entire game before you start insulting it.

I guess you didn't understand what I said.

my guy's name marioid, 42 dwarf hunter, lvl 11 puppy-dog named mango :cookieMonster:, sever Uldamen

My name is Falxore im lvl 46 and im a bloodelf who pwns