Which maps do you want to be converted to bricks?

Play Ground
8 (2.9%)
3 (1.1%)
2 (0.7%)
Blocko Airlines
9 (3.3%)
1 (0.4%)
4 (1.5%)
Mike’s House
14 (5.1%)
Ghost’s House
7 (2.6%)
0 (0%)
Blocko Forest
7 (2.6%)
2 (0.7%)
Thin Ice
3 (1.1%)
2 (0.7%)
Desert Oasis
2 (0.7%)
Yellow Fields
3 (1.1%)
2 (0.7%)
2 (0.7%)
GSF Paradise
109 (40.1%)
New York City
45 (16.5%)
18 (6.6%)
Remote Island
5 (1.8%)
Bad Dream
7 (2.6%)
17 (6.3%)

Total Members Voted: 272

Author Topic: GSF Maps  (Read 411560 times)

YAY San Andres! or what ever!

SA zombies is epic for zombie mod

Where is blue hell? I got close I found water with an evil face on it but nothing was there.

-edit- found it. The city of Poseidon looks like New York.
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Very nice with San Andreas. I can't wait for New York.

Oh thank you very much! I love San Andreas so facking much <33

Edit: I worked with Terrain editor on RTB, so i know how it works. :cookieMonster:
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i give you  :cookie: x 123434 TY :D

this,  :cookie:, is an uber cookie use it wisely as it will be needed to save the world one day.

Awesome, downloading SA.

Can't wait for NYC, loved it in V8. I used that one ninja chain thing to swing around on the buildings like Spider Man. =D

EDIT: Wait a minute, which map is Blue Hell in?

blue hell is in both Vice City and San Andreas.

uhh problem A. i cant swim B. this map is too cool and C. the water emote thing fix please

Love the Blueprint, San Andreas, Ghost's House, Vice City, and Life's a Beach

crap, i keep finding Easter eggs but i cant find the Easter egg list D:

The list is inside a building, thats all I'm going to say, you fill better when you find it your self.

Hey ghost great maps but in San Andreas there is some weak spots and what a i mean is if you step in them the whole city turns the sky color please fix this

dam u cuda lol, but alright i kno its inside a building.Vice Citys easter egg list is easy to find san andreas seems harder for me.

Well, I found Blue Hell in SA and a way to get to it without using F8, but I can't seem to get to blue hell in Vice City without using F8, I noticed a hole leading to underneath of the mall (which is directly above Blue Hell) but there's nothing there.

Also, please give me some hints on where the Easter egg list is. ;-;

And another thing, is there a Blue Heaven?