Which maps do you want to be converted to bricks?

Play Ground
8 (2.9%)
3 (1.1%)
2 (0.7%)
Blocko Airlines
9 (3.3%)
1 (0.4%)
4 (1.5%)
Mike’s House
14 (5.1%)
Ghost’s House
7 (2.6%)
0 (0%)
Blocko Forest
7 (2.6%)
2 (0.7%)
Thin Ice
3 (1.1%)
2 (0.7%)
Desert Oasis
2 (0.7%)
Yellow Fields
3 (1.1%)
2 (0.7%)
2 (0.7%)
GSF Paradise
109 (40.1%)
New York City
45 (16.5%)
18 (6.6%)
Remote Island
5 (1.8%)
Bad Dream
7 (2.6%)
17 (6.3%)

Total Members Voted: 272

Author Topic: GSF Maps  (Read 411534 times)

Can someone plz update the forums?

Can someone plz update the forums?
why post it here nibb's?
LOL! pm badspot!

Any one have a list of easter eggs?

Any one have a list of easter eggs?
Why is your avatar a grunny?

i wont give it away but ill give u guys a hint on where the easter egg list is,the north part of map and that is all u will get :P.

I found a glitch. =O

In SA, I was able to easily get out of Blue Hell by Jeting. This is about the spot I was in:

Also, can I have a hint on where the Aperture Science Lab is?

You idot, stop giving out hints and thats not the way you get out there anyways.

wow...when you go to blue hell...that face in the water SCARED me!!! :(

yea i only gave a small hinton topic:SA is great except for once i go above/below a certain point it acts like i went in/got out of water even though im in the city. idk if its just my fault but i would like to kno if this can be fixed and how.

to find a easter egg list go to the very left bridge on the first island were there is no bridge on the left. the list shows to find a ghost that people gone missing. get a nuke for ammunation. find blue hell in vice city and a ufo search. remember its the vca building all the way on the first island.

also this is for vice city easter egg list nothing else.