Author Topic: New games I think only I know about.  (Read 677 times)

Am I the only one that knows about the new Kingdom Hearts games and the NFS?  Im sorry if thats what noone ever talks about anymore but I live in the middle of the Dakotas (US) and I know nothing about Gaming.  I just stumble upon the internets aimlessly.  Another factor is the fact that I have "national socialist parents" that most of you call them so Im usually restricted to Racing and T and under .no shooters (although I do sneak some in at my friends and I have smuggled the only shooter I own, Starfox Assault, which sucks, from a store 2 hours away).

lies, dakota isant real,

heard about kh, not many talk about it because most of us think two was enough, and no clue about the other

No, you aren't.
Half of the internet is gushing about KH, at least.
NFS isn't relevant anymore.

huh, didnt know that, also
whats NFS¿?¿

the Dakotas mean one of two states in the U.S., north or south Dakota.  And my parent know everything about what were doing on the wii and computer. locking because my question has been answerd.