Author Topic: Ladios's Slate Edits 1.4.2 *old, may not work*  (Read 25048 times)

I saved it to my add-ons folder properly and it is still in zip so idk what is wrong?

Hey guys, if you ever want me to fix the things please help me know what the problem is. I kinda have a hard time with the whole astro projection thing and thus cannot see what you are looking at all too well.

Have you been switching to a slate edit from another map perhaps?


Host a net is crapping on me, please re-port.

These are good, but they still phail. I like them, yet I can't walk a few feet without falling threw the maps floor and into the mysterious "lake" under the map. :( Sorry!

Did this just start happening after v10?

Yes, darn V10 and its many more bugs than V9!!

its good, nah i will not dowload this...

its good, nah i will not dowload this...
What is wrong with you? These are epic, was epic and will always be epic.

Ladios i downloaded your epic maps and whenever i try to go on the map slate storm i crash as soon as i spawn, and so does alot of other people and we dont know why?

Slate storm has always had a error, its most likely you computer.

That was my thing back in v8 when I DL'ed these.

Still laggy you will sometimes fall into water D:.

Consider this dead for now I guess.