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we ever said it did,that was made at least a year or more ago,a year ago my mapping and skills with torque were crap,hence look at money land and i screwed that up in so many places its not funny,now look at island village those domes were a pain in the ass to cut that door in jussssst the right spot and still keep it under 50 brushes.
i could of put the windows in but i was lazy,i needed a break from the city im bulding.

topic locked,link removed

Well we are all waiting,i could put the windows in,would take me about 5 mins.

3 letters to say......LOL ty tyvm

Bring back the link to this please. PLEASE!

his map,he has to release it

This is why you don't port without permission.

FAIL BIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's better to lock this then.

well looks like he is not going to port it so this is now locked.