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Age Of time building in there. O.o

Another horrible port.
Fail bin please.

People liked V0.00002 / V8 maps.

He ports them.

People are happy.

Lol no.

Camelot-360     Author: VerticalHorizon

Watch this video while you download


Ported with permission.
good try but No

Look What your maps are doing!

And then This!!!

Stop porting crappy maps... or kittens will be EXTINCT!!!

Actually, I butcher the kittens before they assign themselves owners, therefore I can make my dwarves cook up some *Cat Tallow Biscuits* and make +Cat leather backpack+ for a dwarf to keep is biscuits in for when he's on patrol. There's nothing like eating some biscuits made of cat!

cool,in the movie it's spamalot

i love that video xD
i faved it

Awsome Map   *clap, clap*

did anyone here even bother to check out waht the map looks like.
Its posetiviley extrordinary.
(i has spelling problems)

It's only a model

btw this is

Another horrible port.
Fail bin please.

its not that bad not dling but still its not bad heres a panda  :panda: p.s its scared of cookies and the cookie monster :cookieMonster:

I thank you sir Port-A-Lot.