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What do you think of the rain and snow?

I haven't seen the snow yet, and I haven't seen it stop raining, either. But overall it's great and adds a new feel to the game.

yeah i havent seen sunshine or snow either, it might be to do with your location (snow up in mountains etc.), but i dont like too much rain... still the splash effect is cool.

The rain seems out of place on a sunny day.

I would think that it would lag the server with the stuff falling everywhere.

It doesn't seem like it does.

I hate the fact that our stats were all messed up with Version 18.
I'm even not playing it as much because of that.

badspot... why did you do this? you said people just complain about their stats, but you DO get to choose your stats.

from what i gathered from badspot every minute has a 10% chance of rain then within that there is a 10% chance of snow. I dont think the location matters. but its glitchy right now so THE RAIN NEVER STOPS! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!111111!!!!
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it rains meteors every 8 hours on average. btw then can kill!! :D

you found this out HOW?

badspot told us when he added them in

Meteors eh? Every 8 hours? Meh, I guess it's fantasy so that should work.
So anybody ever been hit by a meteor?

it rains meteors every 8 hours on average. btw then can kill!! :D
i guess you need something better than a umbrella :cookieMonster:

The technology to protect you doesn't exist with the current type of technology in AoT.

Well the shield does

Wait it out in a building. I think the buildings are incapable of being smashed, for the moment. I haven't played in a while. I'm going to have to check it out, and get a few screenshots.