Author Topic: are we seeing and fall of blockland  (Read 2563 times)

its falling face it we have to do something maybe get are selfs on tv again thats right we have to get are selves on g4 again we have to make people know we are here with a great FREE game.

I have a idea first you tell 2 friends then they will tell 2 friends and so on we will grow fast every one do it we need to keep bl a flot.

I say we are falling because not many people play we need them to know we are here and we have the best game around i say its better then most mainstream games but only about a 100 people play and only 200 know about bl so please get the word out make bl stay alive forever

You're overeacting, this game hasn't gone retail and we're not dieing I repeat


your right we are not dieing but FALLING face it even tho it hasent gone retail we are still falling im affraid that it might fall before retail so we have to keep it known till then

More people are joining the forums everyday. Get your facts straight.

if I am to get my facts straight were do you get your facts you could be makeing it up and yes in a way we are a falling but riseing its hard to understand i barely under stand my own logic but i still think we should increase the ammount of people that play bl

I think that can wait until retail comes out.

you might be right i just think we need more people but you could be right thanks for the facts  i can sleep easy at night  ty