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Rudyman i noticed your lacrosse stick, not bad, what position?


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Did you just call me sister? I am a guy you know >_<

Lol...Ratty is either 5'5" or 5'1"...Either way he's short :P

Alright, truth is......My real age is on my Tag World. I should of lied about my age to keep people guessing.

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omg he's asian. oh nooess!

What's that?
Flaming punch of death?

Looks better on TV. :(

It looks like he lit a carrot

Speaking of people that look like monkeys...

Edit: Not meant for the anyone in particular, its just a funny pic.
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because people that resemble that of monkeys aren't capable of finding other primates to mate with...

lol this board is f*ing harsh... why all the hate?

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hey aren't you the one who create all those accounts that sleep and turn around themself in Port Town?