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Me? No....It's this girl i know..she has a hip-bone special interest...Lol..I sent her that pic yesterday....So it's the most recent.

Do I count as an AoT player since I somtimes play it? If so:

Not my room in that picture, it's my brother's bunk bed. Meh. If you want a picture of my room you'll have to nag me. Lol.

The last two pics in cartoon :D

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You look like a kid from my class

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I also look like a jew (not affiliated with Jews)  And a little stoned but... I was... tired yes, tired.

Lol...i'm beginning to think you really are tribal, bri.

Looks like some 1337sauce, uber-hax0rs rob jewelry store, and monkey licking jr.

Hey Hey everyone its me!

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