Author Topic: Post real life pictures of yourself.  (Read 6810421 times)

oh =(

sorry, its a habit. I'll try to stop.

I had the same habbit, i use commas now =D

lol really?

heh, that makes me feel better. Now i'm not the only one =P

Its ok in MSN and AIM but when you're trying to read a post it gets in the way >.>

shes annoying and gets in the way

hahahahahahahahahhahahahahha. .

look at your own posts.

pls dia k thx

I can run a mile in 6:25 =D
Fastass SOB.
6:10 we just ran it on wednesday.


Ladios needs a hoodie, some eyeliner, and face pierceings.


no ladios doesn't need that, he's cute/lovey the way he is. =P

Easy for you to say, you're not his brother. He makes weird facial expressions as he talks.

Lol I can picture that, it's funny

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OK, this is annoying, I have absolutely nothing to do other than stick around and spam the forums.  Every game has become boring, I have no social life to speak of, and I don't fell like doing my homework till Monday(lol @ lack of any work ethic).  Any recommendations?

Yeah. Spam the forums.