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now nige thats not true, you just have to practice, then at some point you might have what It takes to be selected, you might still become a legend.

Meh, I do practice, I just never have any inpiration.

Meh, I do practice, I just never have any inpiration.
Well.... I have a solution.

O I'm sorry can i join now?

Here's one of my builds


oh so I build just one single crap build or something that does not live up to your expectations you start to dash out on me? Wtf is your proplem? Is it becouse you think i'm supposed to mash up some great build all the time? I build as I please and you can shovel your expectioans and regulations as hige ans mesothelioma. Now shut the forget up and let me build as I please, i'm not your loving dad.

I think he's referring to the fact that he tried to take credit for your build.

-.- he was only being a richard becouse he think I don't build well enough to distinct good builds from bad. He think that I don't have what it takes to manage it and without doubt he thinks that he should be that manager. I see what he thinks, its logical...

Anyone can build anything with knowledge, time, and patience.

I have all but the last.

hmm indeed, it seems I have lost that too.

Mighty Elitist club your starting eh?

Im still unsure of why you even posted it as a clan, theres no way in, its only for people who you feel are worthy -what happens if a builder you ask to join denies your invitation?-

are the only builders/players in the community worthy of remembering for everyone else if thier not in your little circle jerk?

you come off a little too "exclusive VIP access only"

Thats the way I want it entrepreneur en. Lets keep this clean people :)
i have one thing to say......

This "clan" will crash and burn. And if it doesn't, I ain't gonna be around to see the aftermath.

Imagine this:

This "clan" gets elitist builds, and they go off to their ice creamed elitist server. The good builders are left behind with the NOOBS, and that means NOOB SERVERS.

And that means more BoD's to contruct -.-

This just seems like abunch of bored kids trying to make themselves eem important by trying to make themselves seem better than everyone else "LOEL U CAnT GTE In UNLEZ WE SAY SHO, WE ONLY LET T3H BEST IN BeCAUSE WE THINK WE CAN JUDGEP PL AND HAVeTHOSE JUdGEMENETS TAKEING SERIOUSLEH, I R STARTEING T3H GROUP CAUSE IR  BORED WITH MEH LIFE AND NEED SOMETHING TO DO, DOINT ASK MEH TOJOIN BECAUSE I R GONNADECLINE J000 "

Anarki: It coulg go like that, or it could go another way, Some builder dosen't get accpeted so they get pissed, so they'll probably start their own clan or w/e, Hello Clan wars!

fine its disbanded becouse you moronic starfishs coul't take it. Good riddence idiots i'm out of this pusillanimous individual ass forum. Hope your happy. Screw  ups.

Yay! We are really happy.