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Lt Chub Chub:
Due to the long life, relative success and unfortunate death of the previous topic (found here: I have decided to make a new, less newbish, and generally better topic (this time I hope no one posts stolen models and we don't become a argument thread like last time)! Same rules apply from the last topic (you have to have made the model to post it, only rate/criticize if the creator asks for it, be polite, etc. etc.).

Now for a quick recap of some of our better moments in the old (and now obsolete thread)!
My beta Nintendo zapper:

The Geek's radar and smexy raft render:

Kaje's mech:

My WIP jetpack vehicle, phys gun, shank, and scout:

Muffinmix's mech:

Darkstars fighter plane(?):

Wow! Looking back on it I never really finished any thing I started making! Any ways if any of the original authors have any problems with any of these reposts just tell me and Iíll get rid of it.

cool can wait

These are amazing *bows down*

I just got Blender, and don't know how to do anything. :3

edit: lole second post from years ago

Lt Chub Chub:

Any guess as to what this might be? (hint: not for blockland!) Even if you don't know what it is yet I would apreciate it if you pointed out any (non obvious because I already see a few) flaws.

Edit: I would just like to point out that more than half of the pictures in the first post are just copied over from the old topic and only a large handfull of those are mine! Be sure to look at the name of the creator (above each picture) before posting so you can give credit where credit is due!



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