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:O I love your style Azerath. Especially the Ice sword.

The holy hand grenade is epic :D

IF you ahve no plans to release it, mind if I have the model to use as a gernade on my server? Its fraking epic :D

Also the heart grenade, epic :D

Nice any, I should get some of my models :o


Milk... jar... thing?


Not much of a modeler, but I made a WW2 Potato Masher Grenade :D

I can't get a scripter. It's going to be like the HE Grenade, but 3/4 of it's damage and a wider radius.

Nice sword, any.

Blegh, the lighting on this shot is bad. Damn you slate.

Alien, not for Blockland.

Ahaha! That looks like my grandmothers... Actualy never mind D:

Not for blockland, baby cakes
That isn't going to look good in anything.

Also, farmhands3D will never be completed.

Edit: Nice grenade nick.
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Then add more polies. :D
The game it is for is still for tourqe.

In other words more polies still = more bad

Old Counter-Strike:Source C4 attempt:

Rougeish dagger:

Plane i made(Not for Blockland):

De-Haviland Vampire(Not for Blockland):

And that should do for now.