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its rigging time

credit to the modeler:

thatĺs incredibly thicc wtf

its like oppai loli but legs instead of boobs

god i wish i had hips that nice
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GOD weight like this makes my PP HARD

loving LEGGY

GOD i love animating

i bet yall dummies were like this AINT cute enough WELL:

(i dont own the model)
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Im almost done modeling this thing

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I don't know what it is, but it's amazing

It looks like a Jackal from Halo, but cybernetically enhanced

It's one in a series of illustrations called "mechadoodles" from an artist I follow.
I told him his stuff would make a kick-ass 3D model, and he agreed. So I did it

Im almost done modeling this thing

damn that is lovey as frick

do the shark mechadoodle

do the shark mechadoodle

I actually let the artist choose the next one I'm doing. I only did the eagle first because I liked it.
More will be made ;)

edit update:

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gyt holy stuff i love it its so perfect