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unfortunately im not on my computer so i cant make a detailed post about this until tomorrow, but:

how does one convert a models baked vertex colors into a texture that can be applied through a range of mediums? ive managed to do this once with a program called meshlab, but i cant remember how i did it and just about everything im trying is crashing that program now.

everything i currently open the model in just displays it with no texture at all. meshlab is the only thing i can open my model in that renders its vertex colors

anybody happen to know of an alternative that might help? I'm not having much luck googling this cause im probably stupid and not searching the right thing

pls dont leave us hanging mod man i want to know the answer of converting vertex color to texture

pls dont leave us hanging mod man i want to know the answer of converting vertex color to texture
for sure ill post about it at lunch today

i was messing around with this ai that auto generates a 3d model based off a single photo off your face. the problem with the ai is that it generates an obj and stores all the colors per vertex, which is something objs don't natively support. you are able to store that data in an obj file, but you won't see those colors in any regular 3d program

(i found this out through a modified obj importer for blender thats attuned to import any extra vertex data that the blenders original importer didn't)

meshlab is able to show that extra data by default, largely because its designed to be the middle man between point cloud meshes and polygonal meshes. it has a lot of useful tools when it comes to converting vertex color to texture.

i was doing it through this ass backwards way of generating new texture coords for vertexes, converting vertex UVs to wedge UVs..... basically a bunch of noise that just ended up giving me a 1024x1024 black square. but heres the correct way to get vertex colors saved as a texture through meshlab:

these two texture filters in meshlab are all you need to do. same settings and all. Trivial per triangle parametrization first, then vertex color to texture. because of the nature of the ai and meshlab, it generates a pretty wack texture, but it generates it wherever the model was imported from initally:

i imagine theres a way cleaner way to do this, maybe through something like maya or 3ds, but meshlab works exactly for what i need and honestly the stuff look of it adds just the right charm. all i need to find out now is how to smooth out the geometry so that it doesnt have such a blocky look to it
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where the forget  is     your dev   server
i need  to see this  in person

i gotta know, what's it for?

where the forget  is     your dev   server
i need  to see this  in person
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i gotta know, what's it for?
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