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these are pretty sick as, especially the ones on the last pic

ty, each pictures has its own unique basic receiver but multiple different parts which i show off in the diff angle shots

have another daily gun

no unique parts today :(

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What gun is that supposed to look like

none, i dont directly ref any gun, just parts of many guns

used the linda, thompson drum mag/mount, and the beretta for that one

slick render

gun feels a bit small compared to the car

gun feels a bit small compared to the car

Kinda yea, it's prolly cause the shotty is rescaled to blockhead's scale so it doesn't look ridiculously long/big in his hands. It would be easier to just put a blockhead next to the car and scale up/down the shotty on him but idk yet how big the car's gonna be.

woah medieval armor models that arent so thin theyll instantly snap in your hands?

woah medieval armor models that arent so thin theyll instantly snap in your hands?
aod bugs and bosses tend to hurt real bad

hmmmmm getting back into it. I think it's been at least a couple of years since the last time I posted anything related to 3d modelling myself and, until the last month or so, almost as long since I had done anything. but I'm tryna take it seriously this time around. I've been really liking Grant Abbitt's videos about blender, cus for the most part they're more like exercises than following tutorials (which is soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning I've been doing a lot of lately). these chess pieces were part of one of his types of videos where he shows you an object and has you recreate it yourself, then he does it to show you "his" way or whatever. I ended up pausing his video after the pawn and just did the rest of them on my own, and they came out pretty well! they look almost nothing like his, except for the similarity inherent in creating chess pieces. he also literally didn't make the knight, rook, or bishop, so there was nothing to go off anyway but my own references and creativity. I'm particularly proud of the knight, which took the most effort, and looks the best for the work that put into it

and I made this plane during a short couple of weeks where I'd started getting interested last year. the horizontal stabilizer is a bit iffy, but otherwise I'm still pretty proud of it. it was to be part of a series of reproductions of planes from a stupid little mobile game called merge plane, but I really liked the plane designs in it lol so I was remaking them. I got stuck on the second but I'll probably take another stab at it soon, now that I've gotten more confidence modelling lately

the reference material, if you're curious:

I think that's pretty much all that's worth mentioning, since the last time I posted here about my own stuff. that was probably back in 2016 or 2014, geez