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i've been working on some funnies

(vehicles from Tribes 2)

(Jericho Mobile Point Base)

(Beowulf Assault Tank)

(Wildcat Gravcycle)

(Thundersword Bomber)

(Shrike Scout Flier)

mmmmmmmmmm will these be released??

Yes. I have no source for this information but yes.

oh wow, those are so cool

Dis thread sux make a new one

Anyway here is my lego pistol model

conan coming in clutch, cake in hand

i've been working on some funnies (vehicles from Tribes 2)
damn those are nice

So for about a year i've been making these N64/PS1/Dreamcast era models (My main inspiration is stuff like Ape Escape)

Some people have also said it's reminiscent of 2000s MMORPGS, which i also sort of go for. :D

this is one year of progress, both of these models were made in August, almost on the exact day lmao

when i made this i only knew 2d, and really struggled to get him rigged/animate his face. so i never made anymore renders of him, i think it'd be smarter to remake this one to match my updated style.

i made another one and i was really proud so i made multiple renders. i managed to get this one rigged and even animated the face :3

i was originally going to make a 20 minute thing, using both some 2d and 3d animation, but i dropped it; i just got too overwhelmed cause i'm not very experienced in animation.

edit: i also use the compositor to get the pixel effect in blender