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This is a man's journey into adulthood, his passage into manhood
This is a man's struggle against his inner demons
This is a man's fantastic voyages across seas of uncertainty, horror and danger
This is a man's battle against the barbaric forces who control his world
This is a man's story, endlessly retold

This is the story of Sammich Quest.


This is Sammich Quest!

You are Sammich Man, who is awesome and wants his sammich because it is full of nutritious meats and breads
But Mr. Bastardfaic continues to steal your sammiches and hide them behind random objects!

You, as Sammich Man must steal your sammiches back and eat them, because that is the only place where Mr. Bastardfaic's evil phowarz cannot reach your sammiches (because nobody wants to reach inside your gross stomach/ your stomach is lined with kryptonite)


Edit the picture to show your solution (in paint, or, or something)
Entries have to have some vagueass shadow of physics (jumping 30 feet into the air then jumping again is fine, but jumping off a falling stalagmite is not)

The best solution (as chosen by me, sammich judgeman) gets to choose the theme of the next puzzle via PM


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level one GO

Jump onto backgound
run along
jump + throw cork into sentry
grab sammich
jump on lion
jump down hole
eat sammich while falling

What I did is in black so it can be seen easily

Portal guns are never allowed.

Turn to spy and sap sentry and backstab trex and lion! then steal sandvich
Or use the eraser tool
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Throw a rock at the bird. The bird'll be knocked out, so the bear will fall and squash the T-rex. The chainsaw will fly forward, cutting the flaming gnome in half and landing at your feet. The rock will fall and knock out the lion. Throw the chainsaw at the sentry. It will saw the sentry in half. The bees, thinking that a rival hive has come to take over their territory because of the buzzing, will go to attack the sentry. Run over, grab sammich, escape.

I'll post a pic later, although I'm not sure how I'll get all that into the pic. D:

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I still like mine because all you use is a rock.

Find a mace or whatever
Hit Flaming Gnome with mace
Flaming Gnome sets T-Rex on fire
T-Rex, out of confusion and agony, stomps on Lion
Jump across hole
Staying out of direct range of Bees, carefully use mace chain to pull Sammich Table towards player
Run with Sammich

If seen by Sentry, attract enough Bees to confuse the tracking systems



loving finally someone notices.