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I read this in the "retail BL v11 is out!", and lol'd:

Quote from: Xyno
wait. V11 is out? cool! i am going to try to mod it! =D

Mixing "We're superior to you and laugh all this off" with a little "I'm self degrading and completely down on myself" doesn't help convince a whole lot of people that you're all just taking this for a joy ride. Everyone knows you guys took this very seriously otherwise you wouldn't have bothered registering to to lay a few self-contradicting "jokes" in a thread.
Yeah I noted that a few pages back with:

I thought you were the starfish of your forums, all I see is a desperate man.


Yeah I noted that a few pages back with:

Oh whoops, I missed that

badspot, just loving stop, that stuff is in the past.. if you cant get over the past your lamer than a 40 year old virgin.

Purposely planting malware in a game to forget with your clients was a serious faux-pas on your parts. The fact that you think it wasn't is leading me to believe the current version also has some nefarious bit of code in it.

I do believe I am back. What fun!

I shall address Badspot's posts first, due to the fact that this will become monotonous if I focus on you, Snackbar.
You're sure?  How can you be sure?  How could you trust people who would do that sort of thing?  Really, you're letting ex-cons baby sit your kids here.
Then, I ask, how come has all its members playing fine without any problems?
Even people who come from retail and act maturely are welcome, so I am curious as to why we are so utterly, utterly evil. You must remember that no existing TBM dev remains on The Orange Block, nor are the rest of us convicts, nor babysitting players kids, as its the players themselves who are playing, which makes me want to question your views on the solidarity of your reality.

Your forum is dedicated to attacking me.
Oho! You claim that, out of a forum of 27 pages containing 527 discussions, that each and every thread is centered around attacking you? Why, I only need post one thread to discount this, so I shall not bother.

Now, onto Snackbar.
Your essay is based on the argument that my collection of points is an essay. If you had completed a comprehensive English course, you would know that an essay requires:
-An introduction with a thesis statement
-Several body Paragraphs, consisting of topic sentences, supportive content and concluding sentences and;
-A conclusion, which consists of a summary of the points made.

The essay which you produced I acknowledge to be an essay, as it follows this structure well, asides from a few points. Any with an English education should realize that my rambled argument was not an essay.
This current work is also an argument, so you have permission to call me an argumentative person.

First, you are an starfish, and no matter what we do, no matter how hard our community tries, you would not get over the virus thing. To be frank, this is why our community isn't trying.
While my first quote is, as you say, an Ad Hominem Attack/Argument. However, I was not driving with an informal essay this time, so you brown townyzed my collection of points poorly. My claim was based of the reactions I have observed when dealing with this community in the last four years. While this is a mighty grand statement, making me out to be some time-exclusive madman, my statment is proven in the substance of this thread. Observe the amount of hatred that has been spewed between these pages and I am sure that, while "it is a poor way to start", it is also truth. Even Badspot, when faced with the old argument, reacted with volatility and poor sportsmanship.

Second, we were toying with key.dat, an outdated piece of code from v8, and frankly, noone wants v8 here, and what would an unlocked copy of v8 achieve?
is an excellent representation of this. According to Elrunethe2nd, it's not stealing if the object in question is upgradable. According to New York State Legal codes, theft is taking soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning without someone's consent. As credible as he has proven to be in the past, I think New York's definition of theft is far more accurate than the definition used by Elrunethe2nd.
Truly, truly. My point is that Blockland version 8 is no longer downloadable easily. Should someone want to use the key.dat to play, they will have to find an individual who has version 8, and is willing to share, or an independent source on the internet. AT NO POINT did I claim that it was not stealing. If, and its entire community are out to steal Blockland, as your points suggest, then why have we not gone out and acquired version 8? Gone and tested our theories? It is similar to, but not quite like a policeman arresting a man for owning a lockpick. The fact that we have the key.dat, doesn't mean any of the people we making moves to test it now, does it? If you can find one instance of this being otherwise so in recent times pertaining to this argument, do so verily.
While New York's definition of theft is quite riveting, and possibly applicable to this argument, as well as a fine thing to quote, one must consider the fact that we have not, in fact, stolen anything. I shall go with the Merriam-Webster Dictionary's definition, which follows:
"the act of stealing  ; specifically : the felonious taking and removing of personal property with intent to deprive the rightful owner of it b: an unlawful taking (as by embezzlement or burglary) of property". has NOT stolen anything according to the dictionary accurate definition of "Theft", as Badspot has neither been deprived of his game by its unlawful taking, nor have we gained anything, except a file, which doesn't work in the latest version of Blockland anyway. If you should wish to further continue this widely swerving train of thought, please do so, but perhaps use soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning a little more accurate than "theft" in describing this situation.

First, you put in the developers access keys I documented
It's all rather lovely than he documented it, but does that really make it true? Of course not. Adolf Riddler claimed that he documented the plans of the global Zionist threat, but that doesn't make what he said true. Just like Adolf Riddler, Elrunethe2nd is misrepresenting facts by stating that he "documented" soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning, which is supposed to make him seem more credible.
Oh indeed. First up, Wikipedia states documentation as "the creation of any communicable material (such as text, video, audio, etc., or combinations thereof) used to explain some attributes of an object, system or procedure." As Wikipedia is a unverifiable source, and we are mature adults here, I shall quote Microsoft Encarta in saying: "process of providing written information: the process of providing written details or information about soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning". Which I did, as found here:
Do take a look and indulge my better senses.
I do indeed 'document' how to unlock offline mode with the inbuilt developers key, and I go on to give my view of how the games sit against each other.

Thus, Elrunethe2nd, resident "English Professor" of, is nothing more than a sham. His purported argument is self-righteous and pedantic (although he fails at being a true pedant)
You state it is pedantic, however go on to say it fails at that, which is a contradiction in terms. One may say (in this critical style) "that a man is an idiot, and fails at being truly that.", which is your argument with a different adjective. This sentence outlines the fallacy presented, as one cannot be an idiot, yet fail to be truly so, and this style of speaking makes for poor reading.
Finally, I think it is a bit odd, how you liken ME to Riddler, when it is you who has the picture of a dictator as your avatar.

Thank you for your continued time, resident professor. Do rebut, as I wait eagerly to see what you manage to bring to this table next.


How cute! He asked his mom to help him make it look like an essay, I'll bet!

look, using big words, writing an essay and trying to flaunt what you believe to be superior intelligence is no way to win an argument

i'm pretty sure 90% of us don't even care about your opinion and are gonna hate you anyway, just for what you've done before with TBM.

Why you wrote an essay about a virtual lego game, I'm not exactly sure. Do you seriously have nothing else to do?

By this point I'm pretty sure that no one can convince me otherwise that the TBM community is full of low life scum who's main purpose on the project is to be able to unlock the full version of Blockland without paying for it. Via hack. Because they're all low life scum who are too loving cheap (or wanting to "help" those who are too loving cheap) to spend a measly $20 to buy the game and get over it.

You have noticed I was exclusively replying to Badspot and Snackbar, I hope?

You have noticed I was exclusively replying to Badspot and Snackbar, I hope?

No one said I was talking about your 'essay'.

I was replying to all four of you. I am still waiting for Snackbar.

Badspot is like an Elephant.

For you see:

What the hilarious bit is that they also hate the game.

Summary of your posts.

Elephants also don't wear pants.