is minecraft dead

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167 (38.2%)

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Author Topic: Minecraft Megathread; yeah its update 1.12 big whoop what about it  (Read 5741380 times)

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Yus, info would be nice. :D

Oh ok, I'll wait..

Yeah still no link.

Well you added that after i said it

It reminds me of blockland :3 But you should be able to add your own water and lava...

This is going in my Firefox bookmark toolbar!  :D

This is fun. Haven't built anything yet, though.

Also, handicaps=mob   :P

This wasnt blocked at my school (yet):D
In math class we got computer time, I got on then started playing it. People crowded around me and asked what it was, I told them it was minecraft. Then everyone that was on the computers started playing minecraft, except for one girl who was working on her project.

What are chunk updates?
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