Author Topic: Left 4 Block Corpses  (Read 430 times)

When you play a zombie minigame, are there any ways to clear the player corpses(the sitting people with ! over their heads)? I really need to find out. When I was on a server, I was building a bar, and the other guy on the server was playing a zombie minigame on his own. He ran into my bar, and got killed. Now the only way was saving the bricks and change map to Slate again. Are there any ways?


Yeah i have that problem too. usually what i would do is heal them. I think it worked once or twice get the health from the addons section and see if you can heal them. Notice on the zombie mod minigame creator it says it gives you points for saving a victim. Tell me if it works or not.

Turn off "Enable Downed" in the minigame GUI.