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Author Topic: RP Core (by McTwist)  (Read 19429 times)
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« July 03, 2009, 10:50:05 PM »

RP Core (v9)
The core for an RP server.

A core for an RP server. This is required for other RP Content mods.

If you're planning on making an RP server, this is something for you. By adding the required things for an RP, like saving, experience and various commands, this is a piece of cake for a person with not so much experience. Just download, enable, and start a game and you are set.

  • Saver v1.5 - Database system
  • MiniGame settings
  • Basic File Manager
  • RP Core functions
  • Command overrides
  • Display info on screen
  • Report and Suggestion
  • Clickable bricks
  • All-Caps filter (Filter stuffs like this: "I HATE YOU")
  • Local and global chat
  • Sassy To Saver function (Enter path to CityRP/CityRPG savefile, and start transfer)
  • Attachable GUI
  • Advanced commands
  • Ability to toggle the game
  • RTB Preferences

Saver saves
  • Name
  • Tools
  • Experience

- /StartRP - Host only : Starts the RP
- /EndRP - Host only : Ends the RP
- /JoinRP - Join the current RP
- /LeaveRP - Super Admin only : Leaves the RP while it is currently running
- /Report [text] - Sends a report to the host
- /Suggest [text] - Sends a suggestion to the host
- /Stats - Check your stats
- /Stats [id/name] - Super Admin only : See a players current stats
- /ToggleCapsFilter - Super Admin only : Toggle the All-Caps filter
- /ToggleReport - Super Admin only : Toggle report function
- /ToggleSuggest - Super Admin only : Toggle suggest function
- /ToggleLocalChat - Super Admin only : Toggle local chat
- /SetLocalChatRange - Super Admin only : Sets the range of how far a person will see you chat and your name.

Advanced commands
- /ClearPlayer [name/bl_id] - Clear a specific player or yourself

Input - onRPTrue - When something is true
Input - onRPFalse - When something is false

A guide with various information that is needed to play in an RP: RP Content Guide
Scripters are redirected to this page: RP Content

Put into the Add-Ons folder in your Blockland folder.


Click Here to view the changelog for this file

Click Here to view this file on the RTB Downloads System
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« July 03, 2009, 11:04:44 PM »

So this uses an Object Spamming system?
It looks like saving is based of CityRP

« July 03, 2009, 11:07:19 PM »

sassy saving, fasf

« July 03, 2009, 11:11:45 PM »

// Update 1.1
// Made each ID an own file

Also, if you are going to make a base with almost no useable features, you should tell people how to mod on to it.

« July 03, 2009, 11:13:13 PM »

What does it even do?

« July 03, 2009, 11:16:52 PM »

Its basically experience and a modified Sassy. Also it can "Block Capital Letters".

« July 04, 2009, 01:11:01 AM »

  • Saver v1.1
    • Name
    • Tools
    • Experience
    [/li][li]MiniGame settings
    [/li][li]Basic File Manager
    [/li][li]RP Core functions
    [/li][li]Command overrides
    [/li][li]Display info on screen
    [/li][li]Report and Suggestion[/li][/list]
    BBC Fail D:
    RTB Mod Bot

    « July 04, 2009, 04:36:12 PM »

    This file has been updated, you can grab version 2 here.

    Quote from: Change Log
    Added Point of View function
    Added Last Action function
    Added clickable bricks
    Added a timer for clickable bricks
    Added other stuffs
    Fixed Load default equipment bug
    Fixed small bugs
    RTB Mod Bot

    « July 07, 2009, 11:56:25 AM »

    This file has been updated, you can grab version 3 here.

    Quote from: Change Log
    Added admin bricks
    Added PlantBrick and RemoveBrick (Schedule right after brick planted)
    Fixed the last bug from default equipment

    « July 07, 2009, 05:20:24 PM »

    I was actually thinking about something like this back in V8...
    Never got around to finishing it.
    RTB Mod Bot

    « July 11, 2009, 02:23:52 PM »

    This file has been updated, you can grab version 4 here.

    Quote from: Change Log
    Updated Saver from v1.1 to v1.2
    • Removed the object spamming
    • Added cache to store the data temporarily
    • Renamed SaverDB to SaverRow
    • Moved most algorithms to SaverRow
    • Added existID list
    Added toggleBigLetters command

    « July 11, 2009, 02:30:37 PM »

    Damn. He's popping out updates faster than we get flamers from Roblox.

    Looks nice.

    « August 10, 2009, 07:08:39 AM »

    When i use report it says inactivated. why is this?

    « August 10, 2009, 07:09:56 AM »

    When i use report it says inactivated. why is this?

    becuse its an rtb mod BOT IT CANT BE REPORTED!!!

    « August 10, 2009, 07:46:40 AM »

    When i use report it says inactivated. why is this?
    You can report what's wrong here.
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