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for some reason when i try puting a picture for my avatar it dosn't show up.I even tryed it with diffrent pictures and it still dosn't show up. Am i uploading the avatar wrong? I upload it on the Information page of my account (where you change you e-mails and stuff)Il upload one of the pics.
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Let me be the first to say: it has to be 75x75 pixels or lower.

It's gotta be a 75x75 picture, gif, jpg, and png file types will work

Curse you koden for posting first! :P

oh well let me try another pic
(hop i dont piss you off legodude)

i tryed this pic tho but i dont know if it worked
edit (crap now i know why) how do i make it smaller?
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There's this program, I'm not sure if you have it, But it's called PAINT.

how do you think i made the pic to the right size?